Chicago Kidnap Video : Who is to Blame?

By now,  am sure you are already familiar with the video of some four Chicago teens who kidnapped a white mentally- challenged teenager but in case you have not seen it, Here is the Story. You can bookmark that and read later, but here is my opinion not exactly my view but a clarification on some views on the incident.

  1. The 4 teenagers do not represent Blacks
  2. They do not represent the character for Black Teenagers
  3. This is not the fault of parents
  4. It is the fault of society

You can verify the above point yourself, by carrying out a survey in your area. Now the video which was recorded live on facebook for a whole 30 minutes just showed us for the majority of the 30 minutes the face of one girl, and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, the white boy who was being tortured was not shown up to 15 minutes. The white guy was slapped, they cut his hair and he was gagged and bound.

It was disturbingly boring. The video surprisingly does not seem like thosekind of  video people  do to earn followership or the means to be in the top trend, but rather harmless until we saw the teenage boy being cut.

Now to clear the misconceptions, First, the 4 teenagers do not represent the blacks.

Now, this is the first misconception that comes to mind of the majority of white people or anybody that still has a hard time living in the same country has blacks... Black does not symbolise violence, and making the generalisation from the conduct and behaviour of these kids is unfair to other black people who have turned out well and have become responsible elements of society.

You know them and you have seen them, yet you do not want to accept them as being responsible or Good because of their skin colour. Just because ISIS preaches that they are Muslims or are fighting for Islam, does it make all Muslims ISIS members? Or Just because the majority of those who voted for Donald Trump were whites, does not make the whole white population Donald Trump supporters?

Also, hese teenagers do not represent black teenagers, You should ask yourself the question and answer quite truthfully, How many times have you been treated the way these teenagers treated this white kid by a  black teenager? please post your answer in the comments below.

To the third misconception, it is not the fault of parents, as some might think, parents  contribution although are integral to their Child's behaviour and conduct, they can only do what they can, these kids have their own understanding of things, parents are just meant to help shape their world view which the society has bestowed on them. So these children's mind are divided on what society  and it's elements( mass media, school, peers) is teaching them and what their parents want them to understand about  society.

However, teenagers tend to put up an independent front on issues, so as a result, the parents training might not have the impact needed once their minds are made up. So on the issue of the Chicago teens and the kidnapping video, who is to Blame?

The answer is simply the American Society. We all saw how Black Americans were killed, assaulted in 2016 with the incident in Fort Wort being the latest. These kids who recorded this video are not blind, they saw all these incidents against Blacks and then November 8 happened, Donald Trump, a presidential candidate endorsed by the Klu Klax Khan(KKK) and man who is not fond of Mexicans, refugees, Muslims and Blacks was elected president of the "Free Country".

After ths victory, Blacks who didn't support Donald Trump or vote at all are obviously disturbed, so are their children scared on the threat on their lives by the election of Donald Trump.

What further increased the fear was the incidents that happened after he was declared president, some of his radical supporters started carrying out some of the controversial statements especially those bordering on Racism, which although he might not have meant but his followers don't understand the political game.

These and many other things have been seen by the Black community and this automatically sparked a reaction, and here we are, the product of that reaction. The Chicago Kidnap video made by 4 Black teenagers.

Let's make a comparison

Unlike the story of Dylan Roof, the teenager who killed 9 black people for no other reason other than their skin colour, that is racism. While these kids gagged and bound an helpless kid, and tortued him because he supported Donald Trump. That is not racism. That is just Society reacting.

The society is the one who created this sistuation. Am not excusing the fact that what the kids did was wrong, but the blame is fully on the American Society.


On a final note, there is no guarantee this won't repeat itself, it could be a black attacking a white person all over again or it could be a whiet person attacking a black person the next, the mindset of the American teenagers have been set on the racist values that has permeated through their society .

In the video, you could hear the one recording the video telling the other memebers of the gang that are sister whose name is Jasmine, according to her, thinks what they are doing is wrong .  this should clear your misconception that not all blacks are like these kids.

Despite the sister's warning, these teenagers did not stop because they believe in the fact that any supporter of Donald Trump or Donald Trump will make living in America hellish for them.

So my recommendation is that, Donald Trump has a lot to do and like Joe Biden said, Donald Trump needs to grow up, his country needs  that from him, and so does  the World , for  him to deliver, and also make his supporters understand the basic values on which the country was built.

It will take a zillion years to to stop racism completely, but it will take little effort by each individual in every part of the world to curb it and stop the consequences of it's spread


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