The Contraditions of Donald Trump and his Strange Bed Fellows

 I recently heard the news that Syrian president, Bashar Al Assad claiming that some terrorists are among refugees moving to Europe and America, an assertion which might give weight to President’s trump to push on the travel ban.

This statement which he made during his interview with Yahoo News is like pouring fuel into a raging inferno, with this statement, he lends credence to Donald Trump travel ban thereby making a case for the Travel Ban.

 With the devastation of Aleppo, what does Assad think people should do, wait and get killed?

In my opinion, I don't expect the president of Syria to make any comment on the issue of immigration because he has failed in the ability to protect its citizenry and when the citizens decided to try to save their lives by taking treacherous routes to safer zones, he makes a statement that will only make countries reconsider accepting them.

According to him,  his the priority is to bring Syrian citizens to their country, not to help them immigrate but the fundamental question is what measure of safety has he put in place to protect the Syrian Citizens that he has been unable to for the past 5 years?

This brings about the issue of creating safe zones on Syrian soil, what is a safe about creating a camp in a war zone with the only form of protection being soldiers?

What is wrong in taking them far away from the war zone and save them from the danger of being used as Human body shield?  If Syrians felt the government could protect them or be safe within the so called "safe zones or camps" they would have stayed but they have witnessed their father, mothers, child and families used as helpless pawns in the over 4-year war .

This piece is not about the Syrian President but instead  focuses on the Contradiction of a few decision and actions of the 45th president of the United States

Prior to the Trump regime, the Assad regime and the Obama regime were at logger head, in fact the United States was near invading Syria in 2012.

And now Donald Trump is elected and Assad seems to agree with the “rationale “ of the United States government over saving his people from his war-torn country.

Bashar Al-Assad and Donald Trump; Strange Bedfellows indeed.

This however is not the first time.  Lately, Donald Trump has been openly agreeing to  personalities and countries that many would regard as “Strange Bedfellows”

Donald Trump( US) and  Putin ( Russia)

Ever since the end of world war II, I don’t think these two countries ever agreed on anything but ever since news emerged that Russian hackers helped Donald Trump in winning the election, he has been rather homely to the former soviet union and its leader, Vladimir Putin.

Donald Trump when interviewed about Vladimir Putin defended Vladimir Putin against accusations that he is a killer, telling Fox News: “We’ve got a lot of killers. What, do you think our country’s so innocent?”

This statement shocked many Americans as this was coming from a president who seems to be dedicated to “protecting his country and his people” but still slanders its people and values.

Who then is he protecting if he feels his country and its citizens are killers?

Also another Strange bed mate the United states seem to have gotten in Bed with is the Xi Jin Ping, the Chinese president.

Trump angered Beijing in December by talking to the president of self-ruled Taiwan and saying the US did not necessarily have to stick to the policy, questioning a position held for nearly four decades. But now it seems things have changed after Donald Trump expressed his support for Washington's long-standing position that Taiwan is part of "One China" during a phone call with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping.

Meanwhile, apart from getting into bed with these “unlikely allies”,  the United states president seems to sabotaging friendship ties the country has with allied organization like the E.U and Nato.

Donald Trump said  NATO is  "obsolete,"  and dismissed the 28-member EU as a "vehicle for Germany" and publicly said he's had "a very bad experience" with the EU as a businessman.

Meanwhile, European Union  president, Donald Tusk , stated that the administration of “ Donald Trump “ was a threat alongside China, Russia, terrorism and radical Islam, adding that "worrying declarations by the new American administration all make our future highly unpredictable."

This strange partnership coupled with different unprofessional behaviours, with the latest one being a response to a San Franciso court which refused to reinstate the travel ban and he replied in capital “ I WILL SEE YOU IN COURT” and is in fact planning on issuing a new travel ban despite the first one he issued being in court, makes you wonder, what goes on in the head of the United States President?

Donald Trump

His actions are full of contradictions.

First, his actions have so far caused dissent among majority citizen of the United states and even allies of the country and yet he want to keep the country safe and peaceful when the people of the nation are angry and putting softly “ dislike their president”

Trump seems to me like a man who  wants to make his house warm and for that reason put his house on fire and is  fanning the fire to increase its intensity.

Secondly, The Neil Gorsuch appointment : His appointment came as a surprise to some as the character of Gorsuch is in sharp contrast to the presidents’.

Gorsuch could almost be called liberal because of his ways and actions and record.

Gorsuch actually criticised Donald Trump attack against Judges as disheartening and demoralising”. Although he refuted the claim that  Gorsuch did.

Donald Trump

Another Contradiction is attitude towards Muslims

From the beginning of his campaign, it was obvious he believed all Muslims were radicals. After he instituted the travel ban , he said it was not against any particular religion but when the Quebec incident happened  in which many muslims were killed in a terror attack, but on this incident which the Government of Canada tagged as a terrorist act, the ubiquitous president of the United states went silent  for the first time  over the issue of a terrorist attack  since his campaign .

Then the foiled louvre incident happened and the 45th president of the United States wasted no time in posting his reaction on twitter.

How much do we need to know that you don’t like Muslims?

Israel settlement : Israel has been a United States ally for years but recently the relationship has been rocky especially over the issue of settlements.

Late last year, the United States failed to veto a vote against Israel at the United Nations  on the issue of the settlements and during this period which was before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Trump criticized the move by the Obama regime and promised Israel he was going to make things better after the inauguration.

After the inauguaration, Trump does the most shocking thing, he warns Israel off announcing new settlement

Who is this man?


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