Ban ki Moon Condemns Jail Sentence Of Aljazeera Journalists

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed regret and called for Egypt to protect freedom of expression amid an Egyptian court's decision to sentence three of Al Jazeera media network journalists to three years in prison.

In a statement by the U.N scribe, he said he deeply regrets the decision by the Egyptian Cassation  court to uphold the sentencing of Al Jazeera journalists Baher Mohamed, Mohamed Fahmy, and Peter Greste (in absentia), 

On Saturday, the three Al Jazeera journalists were sentenced for alleged links to the Muslim Brotherhood which is considered a terrorist organization by Cairo.

Also on this issue, Amal clooney who is an human rights lawyer representing Mohammed Fahmy was the major point of discussion when Associated Press regarded her as "Actor wife" while reporting the case but feminists on social media especially twitter did not take it lightly.



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