Jay Z joins Instagram

He is not the social media type, rarely tweets, i don't even know if he visits his facebook account, now he joins instagram *shrugs* maybe he is a changed man

The King of Pop would have turned 57 and music superstar Jay Z took the time to pay his respects by allegedly joining Instagram.
Posting a snapshot of the pair shaking hands and hugging, the 99 Problems star said: "Happy Birthday to the King! This may be my first and last post."

In a mere eleven hours the pictures has gathered an astounding 35.1 thousand likes with fans joining in with tributes.
Amongst the commemorations to Michael Jackson there have been doubts over whether or not this truly is Jay Z's Instagram account. Maybe he's decided to follow in wife Beyonce's footsteps, who regularly uploads pictures for her fans to see?
The rapper and Tidal music mogul is notoriously quiet on social media channels, even his Twitter account only sees sporadic posts rather than regular updates.
Many fans have aired their doubts over whether the hovsince96 account is truly Jay Z, saying: "I wonder if it's really him

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