North Korea Vs South Korea, will the war rhetoric ever end?

It all started with the broadcast of Propaganda by South Korea against North Korea, now the current situation between the two  nations  is no longer a fight of words but a tension-filled climate of a near war.
According to South Korea, the North which is ruled by Kim jong-un started it all when they planted land mines that killed two south Korean soldiers this month, but North Korea denies the claim.
There is a lot of tension between the 2 countries,  can it lead to a mini/proxy war?
Before this new development, The North has always made similar bombastic claims and the huge numbers of soldiers and military equipment stationed along the Koreas' tense border mean the area is always essentially in a "quasi-state of war." 
Still, the declaration, following South Korea's firing of dozens of shells across the border after the North lobbed several rounds at a South Korean town, signals a worrying development.
As a result,  leader Kim Jong Un of the North has ordered  an emergency military meeting that his troops "be fully ready for any military operations at any time from 5 p.m. (0730 GMT) Friday."
According to  reports , "military commanders were urgently dispatched for operations to attack South Korean psychological warfare facilities if the South doesn't stop operating them."
Seoul said the North fired Thursday across the Demilitarized Zone to back up an earlier threat to attack South Korean border loudspeakers that, after a lull of 11 years, have started broadcasting anti-Pyongyang propaganda. North Korea, which denies firing at the South, later said the South Korean shells landed near four military posts but caused no injuries. No one was reported injured in the South, either, though hundreds were evacuated from frontline towns.
A man locks a shutter of his shop after an evacuation …
Can this go any further? will it ever end?
Latest Updates 
Source: Associated Press
The united states temporarily halted a military exercise with south Korea to coordinate with Seoul over shelling across the border with North Korea but the exercise according to reports have now resumed.
8:40 p.m.
South Korea's defense minister is warning North Korea it will face "searing" consequences if it launches fresh provocation.
Han Minkoo has defended anti-Pyongyang loudspeaker broadcasts, saying they are South Korea's response to a land mine that maimed two South Korean soldiers. North Korea denies responsibility for the land mine and says it did not fire at South Korea on Thursday.
The defense minister says: "This time, we'll cut off a vicious circle of North Korean provocation."
He says Seoul is closely cooperating with the U.S. to deter potential aggression by North Korea
Han described the mine blast and the shelling as "mean criminal acts that reveal the bellicosity" of North Korea.
South Korean President Park Geun-hye, second from right, presides over a security meeting to check S …
— Hyung-jin Kim, Seoul
According to a North Korea military official , a meeting of senior party members met on Thursday night and "reviewed and approved the final attack operation" Although according to news report, the official did not give details on what kind of military retaliation North Korea would see as appropriate punishment for South KOrea's shelling of it's territory on Thursday. The director of the reconnaissance bureau of the north Korean army, on friday denied south Korean allegations that the north fired and accused them of not having conclusive evidence of the attack. According to Kim Yong Chol, the mistake was from the south Korean side and the decision of south Korea to retaliate is rash and dangerous
5:30 South Korean President Park Geun -hye has visited an army headquarters responsible for the western portion of the border, and is warning she won't tolerate any provocation by North Korea.
She orderedb the troops to respond immediately should North Korea launch Fresh Provocation.
Nort Korean activists assemebled at Seoul to Protest North Korea's cross-border Shelling and as called on the international community to strongly punish and deal with North Korean dictatorship while also burning Kim Jong Un's pictures and the North Korean Flag
As at 5pm today, South Korea Has ordered its military on top alert and vowed to sternly deal with any North Korean Provocations.
In a Message sent to North Korea, The Ministry of National Defense , the ministry said " South korea will strongly retaliate against any kind of North Korean attacks and the North will have to take all responsibility for such actions"

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