The ban by NBC is justified

N*B :NTBB-Not to be Brodcasted
                               SFB     - Safe For Brodcast     


The list above shows songs that have been banned from being aired on Nigerian radio and television, This list has caused  an uproar among  Nigerians who do not agree with the ban on some of the songs listed but this is why the ban is justified.

Music is a tool  of entertainment and also a way of life, this is a fact but most  artists  nowadays do not know this or infact they do  know but choose to ignore this fact since it does not bring in the money, so they choose to treat music as a means to an end (money-maker)

Most artists nowadays do music , strictly for the money! and as a result,they tend to release songs which are 4 minutes long but  when you listen to the song, what you hear most is the beats, not the song itself.

Also most artists sing mostly about, Sex, Liquor and Money and which leaves you dissapointed when you buy a song or download, and all you hear is a guy  trying to voice out his sexual escapades or fantasies!

What Use is that?

 but sadly that's what the youths want to hear today.
Only a few people nowadays listen to the lyric of songs, except you are Rap Fan.

So as a result, upcoming artists tend to follow this trend and hence the purpose of music as entertainment and as a tool is bastardized!

So i think the ban of some of these songs is justified!


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