35 year old Man jailed For 8 weeks For Hitting Old Woman #Singapore

A 35 Year old man, Lim Choon Teck,  had been sentenced to 8 weeks’ jail in Singapore for committing a rash act endangering human life or the personal safety of others when he had collided into an elderly pedestrian while cycling through a bus stop along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8 on a Sunday evening in May.
Due to the speed at which Lim was cycling, he was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting the elderly woman, who was accompanied by her 74-year-old husband. The impact of the collision caused the 69-year-old woman to fall onto the pavement, fracturing her upper arm and wrist.
When the victim’s husband demanded for his particulars, he handed his particulars to the elderly man only to snatch it back and speed off before the man could finish recording Lim’s details. The court heard that Lim did not enquire about the severity of the victim’s injuries, nor wait with the elderly couple for an ambulance to arrive.
Be the judge , what do you think? 


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