5 Fantastic Tips For Sleeping Comfortably on a Plane

Depending on the hours you will spend on a particular flight, you may want to take time off relaxing your mind and body. For people who are always on the move, using sleep as a fuel to re-energize the body for optimal performance is vital for cranking up your day. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how you can sleep better on a flight.

Stash your gadgets away
Your phone, laptop or iPod can be an unhealthy distraction if you are looking to get some rest mid-flight. While waiting to board a plane in place such the Lagos International Airport, it is fine to stay engrossed with a mobile device however, if your itinerary shows a busy time at your destination and exhaustion starts to kick in, then some peace and quiet what you need.
Sit close to the window
To enjoy a nice nap, request a seat nigh the window as this will give you a solid platform to lean your head on while you snooze. Also, this position shelters you from being bumped into while people move around the isle. If there is a pillow, it’s an  even better deal. However, if you have flight fright, it is not worthwhile to sit close to the window


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