Aylan Kurdi, Can he change the world?

I must say the death of Aylan Kurdi, the little Syrian boy who died some days ago while he and his family were trying to escape the troubles of Syria, has really taken its toll on the actions of power players, state actors and powerful countries across the globe.

As it has just been reported that, 

The Hungarian government has announced that it will provide buses for refugees en route to the Austrian border.

A move which is contrary to it's earlier stance on immigration influx that has ravaged Europe. Not quite long, David Cameron also declared that about 200,000 syrian refugee will be admitted into Britain

This feat can also be ascribed to the role , social media platforms especially twitter has played.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion but i believe "tweets by people and hashtags" played a major role in influencing the actions being taken by countries and state actors lately.

R.I.P Aylan! we pray he is the last.


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