Beware! Refugees entering Europe, there are Haters!

Why should a woman behave like this?

Apparently , there are some who hate the idea that refugees are being welcomed into Europe by their government, but they can't do nothing about it .although that is for states accepting refugees but for nations who are not willing to accept these refugees , there are some individuals who will just love to prevent these refugees from getting into those state accepting.
These people in my opinion are just filled with bad energy , selfish and envious and an example is this camerawoman  who works for a private television channel in Hungary but was fired late on Tuesday after videos of her kicking and tripping up migrants fleeing police, including a man carrying a child, spread in the media and on the internet.

"An employee of N1TV today showed unacceptable behavior at the Roszke collection point," N1TV, also known as Nemzeti TV, said in a statement. "We have terminated the contract of the camerawoman with immediate effect today."In separate videos, the woman, who was not named by the channel, is seen kicking a girl and tripping up the man carrying a child as hundreds of migrants, many of them Syrian refugees, broke away from police on Hungary's southern border with Serbia.
Szabolcs Kisberk, chief editor at the TV station, told Reuters: "I believe we have done what we had to do in this situation. We don’t understand how this could happen, it is shocking and unacceptable."
Hungarian news website identified the camerawoman as Petra Laszlo. Reuters was unable to reach Laszlo for comment.

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