Boko Haram fuel depot dismantled by Nigerian Army

Troops of 3rd Division of Nigerian Army on Wednesday swooped over and dismantled a Boko Haram fuel dump located at Ladu.

Dumbawa ward, Guzamala Local Government Area of Borno State, Colonel Sani Usman, spokesperson of the Army said in a statement released on Thursday.

According to Usman the troops were led to the depot three out of the seven persons who have been kidnapped earlier from Gabajere village and taken to the same location by some members of Boko Haram.
Usman said, "It would be recalled that suspected Boko Haram terrorists had abducted seven persons in Gajabere and took them to the same location.
"Those kidnapped were three local wards heads

known as "Lawani" and their deputies, as well as the Chief Imam of the town. However, through sheer guts and bravery, 3 of them escaped and reported the matter to the security which led to the rescue of the rest and discovery of the well concealed terrorists fuel depot which was also destroyed by troops".

Source:PM news


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