Croatia Shut Refugees out

"By closing off the borders, they have only  done more harm than good to themselves"

Croatia has closed seven of its eight road border crossings with Serbia, following a huge influx of migrants.
Security officials says more than 11,000 people entered the country since Hungary fenced off its border with Serbia earlier this week.
Some migrants are also planning to walk to neighboring Slovenia which is in the European Union’s (EU) border-free Schengen area.

By refusing these people entry , they are only going to cause more problem for themselves because these people/refugees are desperate and they see Europe as the only hope for them, and nobody can dissauade them from leaving. Infact these people are willing to die just to get to Europe.
So it's useless chasing them away, because they will find a way to enter in the most illegal way thereby creating crisis an problems.
My advise is for other european countries to follow the footsteps of Germany and make use of the quota system whereby they decide which percentage of refugees they will be willing to accept.

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