#Fight4Royalty Chris Made the Wrong Call

Chris brown  is set to show up in court on Sept. 11 for a hearing regarding joint custody of his daughter. 
Why can't they just be sensible and settle this out of court?Sharing custody was much better than one person taking care of the kid.

According to Hollwood Life , Not being able to see Royalty, 1, at all is such a scary thought for Chris Brown, who according to the gossip site report might have an epic meltdown if he loses the case

Chris is not married, so Royalty needs her mummy at times when chris is not around.
The issue is simple if Chris is not so suspicious of Nia ripping him off, (ude you need to sacrifice something for your kid, and you have enough brass to pay her weekly or monthly whatever she is collecting), 

If there is shared custody, everybody is happy but Chris wants royalty for himself only and that is impossible , and incase you didn't know Nia was actually waiting for this,  because she knows the probability that the odds might be in her favor are high and she has a lot of evidence to back it up.

Chris you made the wrong call! the only thing that can save this for Chris is his lawyers and Luck!

Let's see how  it goes


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