Grandma meets Granddaughter for the First and Last time

This story is quite touching , i almost wish the Indonesian government could make an exception or even investigate before they execute the death sentence on grandma Lindsay Sandiford.

The 59-year-old has been sentenced to death after she was caught smuggling large quantities of cocaine.

Despite claiming she was forced into trafficking the drugs due to threats against her son's safety, Mrs Sandiford was told she was scheduled to be executed on September 21.Although this was later put back until "at least" the end of the year,

She met her two-year-old granddaughter for the first 'and last' time as her family brought the little angel with them to meet Grandma. The Grandma happily played with Ayla after her parents brought her out to meet her grandma in a Bali prison last week.

After spending time with the youngster,She said : "I know this may be the first and last time I ever hold my granddaughter."

Ayla was born seven months after Mrs Sandiford was arrested in Bali in May 2012 and had never before met her grandmother.

The two met up a number of times last week, and a beaming Mrs Sandiford revealed how the youngster was cuddling and kissing her after being introduced.

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