Impunity or Right? Saraki finally agrees to appear in Court

After the code of conduct tribunal  ordered for  his arrest on Friday over giving false accounts of his assets while he was governor of Kwara state, The Senate President , Bukola Saraki is yet to be arrested and the inspector of police was reported to have said during the weekend that he is yet to see an "arrest warrant", so as a result the senate president cannot be arrested.
Also on this case, 50 Nigerian senators met over the weekend to discuss the problem faced by the senate president but finally the man in the eye of the storm has spoken and he says he will be at the Code of Conduct Tribunal tomorrow September 22nd as a mark of respect for the rule of law.

 He said this in a statement he released this afternoon on his Facebook page
The Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki will appear before the Code of Conduct Tribunal tomorrow Tuesday 22nd of September 2015. While the Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, had stated and maintained that he is ready to submit himself to due process of the law on any issue concerning him, he also believes that he has an inalienable right to resort to the same judiciary for protection when he feels his fundamental rights are about to be infringed upon.
The statement also read " The Senate President is a law abiding citizen and his absence from tribunal was based on legal advice he received from his counsel that it is not necessary for him to appear before the tribunal at this stage since the jurisdiction of the tribunal and the process of initiating the matter are being challenged before the federal High Court Abuja"

Hmm, do you think this conduct of the senate president shows impunity or the senate president is actually right?


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