Jackie Collins passes on

She was told when she wrote her first novel "The World is Full of Married Men" whose theme revolved around sex and show business and was set in the mid-1960's  that the novel was filthy and disgusting by romance writer, Barbara cartland.

According to her, the Barbara told her , "Oh miss Collins, your books are filthy and disgusting and you are responsible for all the perverts  in England.

Jackie Collins replied, Thank you.

 Now it has been reported that the Best-selling romance novelist Jackie Collins, whose first book was so steamy it was banned in some countries, died of breast cancer in California Saturday, her family said. She was 77.

According to reports, Collins told people magazine which fist reported her death on Saturday, in her final interview Sept 14 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer over six years ago but she had chosen to confide mainly in three daughters, Tracy, Tiffany and Rory.

According to her, she was never bashful writing about sex because in her opinion "As a writer , you can never think about who is going to read your books. 

Her works included "The World is Full of Married Men," "Confessions of a Wild Child," "The Stud" and "Hollywood Wives." 

She is still best Known for "Hollywood wives" which is reported to have sold more than 15 million copies. She was the Sister of actress, Joan Collins

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