Kylie Jenner triples security

While leaving a   Chris Brown gig in California over the weekend, 18 year old, Keeping up with the Kardashian star, Kylie Jenner experienced a rather vicious attack from a supporter at the gig, when the supporter   viciously   pulled her hair , an attack  which her security detail were unable to prevent and as a result she has decided to beef up her security.
According to reports, she is trying to "triple" her security and she has asked her sisters to borrow some of their security guys over the week.

She is reported to have told them, “ they don’t need the security as much as she does right now.”
Also “She is also demanding that E! pay for extra security for her and Tyga everywhere that they go. She wants at least ten security guards on her at all times right now.”

Radar also reports that her family has said she needs to keep a low-profile after being out non-stop since turning 18.

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