Lasu wins debate as Nig Universities discuss climate change

"A right of the environment does exist,any harm done to the environment is an harm done to humanity"

This was a message by an ambassador of the school(Lasu), and it is really note-worthy that Africans/Nigerian youths are discussing issues like this that are is one of the hottest topics in international circles today.

                                                                 The winners

   The Message
"Climate change adaption is the way forward, not climate change mitigation".

That was the topic of the "Sustaining Earth Africa Debate" which had Lagos State University(LASU) , CALEB , and University of Lagos( UNILAG) in attendance.

we (LASU) won with a total mark of 78.3%.

Many thanks to the debaters… Atanda Raufiat,300level student of English,

Awesu Olaniyi Williams,400level student of political science Education..

Ojo Timilehin, and Agu Mesoma, 200level students of common law.

Its better if we are known for greater things other than notorious behaviours.

We are the best in every area, but the public needs to be well informed about us.

LASU…. Repositioning for excellence.


So which side would you be on, Climate litigation or Climate adaptation? 

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