Looking for love? Here’s Why you should try inter-tribal marriages

There are more than 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. Each of these tribal leanings are rich in values, beliefs, tradition and culture.
However, these groups are restricted to a particular region; the Igbos dominate the southeast-Anambra, Yorubas, southwest-Ogun and Hausas, the north-Katsina, and these regional boundaries are reflected in the way members of each tribe choose their spouses.
While inter-tribal marriages can encourage Nigerians to cherish their heterogeneous ancestry, these type of unions is a rare occurrence.
In spite of the seeming doubt many have about inter-tribal marriages, some people have ventured into this uncharted territory successfully. Jovago.com, Africa’s N1 hotel booking portal rolls out tips on why Nigerians should explore this option of marital bliss.

Love conquers all things. It can make individuals embark on incredulous journeys and come back with the unexpected. It makes people blind to the erroneous perception that the Ijebu man is greedy and the Igbo lady loves money.  Love is blind to all these. This is an ultimate reason why Nigerians go on idyllic adventures to other tribes to pick a significant other to the amazement of their parents.
The slithering division between different ethnic nationalities is obvious at nearly all spheres of our national engagements. From appointments to infrastructure distribution and employment, disparities over the quota system which allows for equanimity among regions have been a contentious debate. Increasing inter-tribal marriages will pale these differences among people and collapse the existing barriers. It will promote unity and the successes of these marriages will encourage more empathy and accelerated growth among people.
Cultural Exchange
The impact of inter-tribal marriages can be felt in the cultural exchanges and interactions between families. If the fiancé is Igbo and the fiancée is Hausa, the man from the eastern part of the country will brush himself up on Hausa culture and come to appreciate their beliefs, values and traditions and vice-versa. This is essentially poignant in a clime where elders are treated with reverence as it will be an embarrassment if each spouse cannot greet their parents-in-law in each other’s native dialect.
Preserve Nigerian Languages
Many Nigerians are concerned about the decline in local languages. But the question is how can this nosedive be halted? Inter-tribal marriages are a viable option to turn to. If the couple can speak each other’s language. They can pass the heritage to their children by speaking it to them, enriching their minds with expansive psyche on the eclectic nature of the motherland.
Experience Nigeria’s Diversity
The beauty of Nigeria’s diversity is remarkable. To experience this diversity in terms of culinary, festivals, beliefs, values and attitudes be open to spending your life with a partner from a tribe different from yours and you will appreciate the nation’s beauty much more.

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