Olu Falae Kidnapped, What is Happening,Nigeria?

  When there is hunger , When there is disappointment and frustration due to lack of fulfilled dreams and ambition, the society is at risk

There are Reports  all over Nigeria currently , stating that former secretary to the Government of the Federation , Olu Falae has been kidnapped and the abductors are reported to have demanded for a ransom of N100M  of former Secretary to the Government of Federation, Olu Falae, are demanding N100 million ransom for his release.

 According to reports, the former presidential aspirant in the 1999 election was kidnapped at his home while working on his farm which  is situated at Ilado in Akure, Ondo state Nigeria while his wife received a phone call from the kidnappers later, and was told to bring N100million before the end of tomorrow(Tuesday) for his release.


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