#Piggate David Cameron and The Pig

                                 Politics is a dirty game, no one is clean

 In a new book titled , call me Dave: the Unauthorized BIOGRAPHY by Isabel Oakeshott extraordinary allegations  have been made that David Cameron performed an obscene act with a dead pig and smoked cannabis while he was at Oxford University.

The book accuses David Cameron of being part of a debauched group called the Piers Gaveston Society, as well as the infamous Bullingdon Club, during his time at Oxford.

This information according to reports was gotten from an unnamed “distinguished Oxford contemporary”, who is now an MP, recalled how Mr Cameron took part in an “outrageous” initiation ceremony at a Piers Gaveston event.

Folks had this to say on twitter;

It has been reported that this new claim may be as a result of the rift between the Prime minister and the Conservative multi-millionaire.

Lord Ashcroft, the former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and a prolific donor and the prime minister are said to have fallen out after Lord Ashcroft was passed over for a leading role in the Coalition Government.
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