Quota system, Fair or Not?

"The quota system should be a temporary measure, taking into reality the state of some E.U nations"

In a bid to curb the problem of refugee influx in Europe lately, arguments and disagreement have occurred among leaders of the region on whether to take these refugees who seek a safe haven from the troubled state they migrated from and while some have accepted the quota system suggested , some have blatantly refused, even Slovakia which is among nations opposing the quota system which simply states  each E.U  state should take a certain number of refugees in, has threatened to take legal actions against the E.U over the quota system.

According to the Slovakia's prime minister ,Robert Fico , " his country is not ready to accept the plan to share the burden of migrants across the EU.
"We won't implement this decision because we think it can't work," Fico told reporters Wednesday ahead of a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels.
Slovakia opposed the plan along with the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.
Fico says the quota system is "irrational." He says his country "is not ready to respect it. We always rejected it as nonsense."

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron wants EU countries to deport more of the so-called economic migrants as the EU struggles to deal with a huge number of refugees arriving from the Middle East and Africa.

EU ministers have agreed to distribute 120,000 migrants through a quota system, but Britain is not part of the bloc's borderless "Schengen" area and has opted out of the plan.
Britain has pledged instead to accept 20,000 Syrians from camps in neighboring countries by 2020.

Britain is one to talk, because it is accepting only 20,000 from now till 2020, it much worse than the united states who is accepting 85,000 from now till 2016.

 In my opinion, deportation is drastic and would not solve much. The quota system looks fine but it should be a temporary thing because it is a known fact that some states are still "managing" themselves , so accepting more people will just ruin such state.
So in my opinion,  E.U leaders should try to put in everything in solving the Syrian crisis soon while they use the quota system as a "temporary measure"


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