#September 21 Today In History

*. 1921– A storage silo in Oppau, Germany, explodes, killing 500-600 people.
*. 1934– A large typhoon hits western Honshū, Japan, killing 3,036 people.
*. 1937– J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit is published.
*. 1938– The Great Hurricane of 1938 makes landfall on Long Island in New York. The death toll is estimated at 500-700 people.
*. 1939– Romanian Prime Minister Armand Călinescu is assassinated by far-right legionnaires of the fascist paramilitary organization Iron Guard.
*. 1942– The Holocaust: On the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Nazissend over 1,000 Jews of Pidhaytsi(west Ukraine) to Belzec extermination camp.
*.1942 – In Dunaivtsi, Ukraine, Nazis murder 2,588 Jews.
*.1942 – The Boeing B-29 Super fortress makes its maiden flight.
*. 1964– Malta gains independence from the United Kingdom.
*. 1972– Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos signs Proclamation № 1081, placing the entire country under martial law and marking the beginning of his authoritarian rule.
*. 1976– Orlando Letelier is assassinated in Washington, D.C.He is a member of the Chilean socialist government of Salvador Allende, overthrown in 1973 by Augusto Pinochet.
*.1976 – Seychelles joins the United Nations.
*. 1981– Belize is granted full independence from the United Kingdom.
*.1981 – Sandra Day O'Connor is unanimously approved by the U.S. Senate as the first female Supreme Courtjustice.
*. 1984– Brunei joins the United Nations.
*. 1991– Armenia is granted independence from Soviet Union.
*. 1993– Russian President Boris Yeltsin suspends parliament and scraps the then-functioning constitution, thus triggering the Russian constitutional crisis of 1993.
*. 1999– Chi-Chi earthquake occurs in central Taiwan, leaving about 2,400 people dead.
*.2001 – America: A Tribute to Heroes is broadcast by over 35 network and cable channels, raising over $200 million for the victims of the September 11 attacks.
*. 2005– Hurricane Rita becomes the third most intense hurricane (dropped to 4th on October 19, 2005).
*. 2013– al-Shabaab Islamic militants attack the Westgate shopping mallin Nairobi, Kenya, killing at least 67 people.

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