Sir Elton John “Spare us your diatribe”

This is my reply to Elton John when in an interview he said he would like to meet with Russian President, Vladimir Putin to discuss Russia's 'ridiculous' stance on gay rights after he accused the Russian president of saying 'stupid things', such as when he warned gay people travelling to the Winter Olympics to 'leave the children in peace'.

Sir John! We still have sane leaders and countries in the world, Manifest destiny does not extend to certain places and countries!

Please spare us your diatribe and Sir John, you have 2 children, what do you tell your kids, when they see 2 men in their home and ask for mommy ?

If your children turn out to be straight, will you force them to be gay or try to change their decision! Because that's what you are trying to do with your advocacy.

The singer who is married to David Furnish and has 2 sons, Zachary, four, and Elijah, two, with his husband made the remarks after speaking at a conference in neighbouring Ukraine, where he lobbied president Petro Poroshenko over gay rights.


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