#WhatsAppReport Arms/cash stockpiling scandal:FG begins manhunt for Akpabio …Withdraws diplomatic passport

Note: This has not been verified yet, so for now we just put it for your opinion on the probability of this happening,

The Federal Government might have begun a major manhunt for former Governor of Akwa Ibom State and embattled Senate Minority Leader, Chief Godswill Akpabio over allegation of stockpiling arms and ammunition at the presidential wing of the government lodge in Uyo where he (Akpabio)is currently occupying months after he left office as Governor of the state. During last weeks Thursdays invasion, two rooms staked to the roof with American dollars were discovered.

Other items discovered was a secret armoury with sophisticated guns, ammunition, bullet proof vests, explosives and a secret tower where highly sensitive and classified documents were hidden. The invasion by the Special Unit of the DSS who arrived Uyo from Abuja was carried out without the knowledge of the Akwa Ibom State Director of the SSS to avoid any leakage that would have compromised the operation.
During the operation, an extremely rattled Governor Udom Emmanuel who was not in at the Government House at the commencement of the raid hurriedly rushed back to meet the operation at an advanced stage. He was alleged to have put a call across to his predecessor who instructed the Governor not to allow the DSS agents conducting the raid remove a "secret safe" that was discovered in one of the rooms. It was not immediately clear what was the content of the safe. "Udom,listen to me, your life depends on what is inside that safe. On no account should you allow the SSS take or open that safe", Akpabio was alleged to have instructed the Governor. After the telephone conversation with Akpabio, a visible shaken Emmanuel was alleged to have jumped on top the safe to resist the SSS's attempt to take the safe away.  "Over my dead body will I allow you carry this safe. My life depends on this safe," the Governor allegedly said while still holding tight to the safe from the rooftop of it he laid. The rooms were later cordoned off by the SSS before the EFCC moved in to secure the busted cash.
Before now, Akpabio had left the country last Tuesday ostensibly to receive medical treatment following an accident he had in Abuja on his way to the airport. Few days after his departure on medical grounds even after he was declared fit by medical doctors who attended to him at the National Hospital Abuja, the accident, preliminary investigation indicates might have been stage managed as a pretext to his fleeing the country. For now, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has raised a panel to probe the accident. The American Embassy whose car was involved in the crash, has also raised a team to help local investigators working to unravel the factors behind the mysterious accident which affected only Akpabio even when the car allegedly tumbled.
According to an FRSC investigator, "There is more to the alleged accident involving Akpabio. I can tell you it seems fake. Many questions are begging for answers. Why for instance did it affect only his car?  How come only him was alleged to have been affected and nothing wrong with the drivers of the cars involved in the crash? How come Governor Emmanuel was in the National Hospital just moments after he was admitted? Why would he still decide to travel out after he was discharged and certified fit by doctors who attended to him at the National Hospital? Why was he planning to leave the country just two days to Wednesday that he was billed to start his defence at the election tribunal?",the source asked
The manhunt for the fugitive former Governor if he fails to return to the country soon,will be a collaboration between Nigerian security forces as well as foreign security bodies such as the American FBI, Interpol and the British Intelligence Agency, the M16. Already, the federal government through the Immigration Service has withdrawn the former governors official passport.
Security sources say Akpabio might have decided to evacuate the family out of the United Kingdom because of the diplomatic relation between Nigeria and her former colonial masters since the UK will not hesitate to extradite any of the Akpabio's declared wanted by the Buhari administration. Other relations of Akpabio currently in the United States have started making moves to leave the US but impeccable security sources say the United States Department of Homeland Security is collaborating with the US Embassy in Nigeria on preventing any of them that has questions to answer from leaving the US. Akpabio's palatial house in his hometown in Ukana is presently under watch following credible intelligence that similar arms might be kept there in anticipation of a likely order of fresh election by the election tribunal. But a former aide to the ex Governor who pleaded anonymity said, Akpabio is not running away from the country and will soon return back to the country to state his own side of the story.
Impeccable sources say the government has placed Akpabio's relations and former aides under surveillance because of the thinking in security circle that more arms and cash like the ones discovered  at the Government House in Uyo might have been kept secretly in the homes of some of his relations and former aides.

Also Akpabio is alleged to have pleaded that the Governor should accept responsibility on the dollar notes found at the lodge to enable him adopt a "plausible deniability theory" so as not to be implicated. He allegedly begged the Governor to say the cash belongs to the State Government. It could not be confirmed if Governor Emmanuel accepted to play along with Akpabio so as to exonerate his predecessor in view of the security implication of the issues at stake. "We are talking of arms, ammunition and huge foreign currency at a building that should be respected as a presidential lodge but turned into a secret armoury by Akpabio. It will be unthinkable for anybody to think the Governor will want to accept responsibility of such a treasonable act. Already the Governor has serious credibility problem by his initial denial that no raid took place, then later accepting it happened but no cash or arms found. How will Udom justify accepting Akpabio's pleadings that he owns up that the over $500 million belongs to the State Government?  How will he justify asking for bailout and converting debt to bond if he had such money in his Kitty", said an aide of the State Governor who pleaded not to be named because of the sensitive nature of the matter.
The dimension and outrage the shocking discovery has taken is alleged to be giving the Governor sleepless nights on how best to exonerate his administration from the mess as well as his personal integrity that has been seriously called into question.


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