4 ways to have a wonderful time at a hotel

  At the reception, the delectable receptionist welcomes you with a charming smile, she ask few questions, gives you the key to your and ushers you off to your room with that brief courtesy. For the moment, her job is done and the sole responsibility on how your time at the hotel will turn out rests on your shoulders. Expectedly, many travellers want more from their time away from home and are quickly dissatisfied with the monotonous routine of roaming around the hotel aimlessly, sitting in front of a TV set and taking a swim each evening during their stay at the hotel. With nothing interesting to do, this is can turn their hotel stay into a miserable one rather quickly. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares tips on how you can pump excitement and fun into the hotel.   Hotel       Throw a cocktail gig Throwing a cocktail party does not necessarily mean it has to be a lavish celebration with every tom, dick and harry invited. Insteady of a big party which will put a strain on your pocket, you can try organizing an exclusive party in your room for 5 or 6 people with small chops, cocktail and music for the attendees. To be on the safe side, make it a point of duty to inform the hotel management of your shindig to indemnify you of any hidden charges.         Hotel  
Request a tour International hotel brands are turning a huge profit by establishing 5-star hotels in major Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. There is so much to see in these hotels from the tastefully furnished suites to swimming pools, hall and bars as well as many other facilities. This will serve as a welcome distraction to your regular hotel routine. Get a Spa moment Lying down on the couch, and receiving a spa treatment is an entirely different and amazing experience. You should try it out at your hotel given that they have a spa centre.  To be extra prepared, you can make inquiries about this facility before booking your hotel. Visit the Bar The bar is one of the few places in a hotel where you can find the greatest distraction. It is especially exciting if you are not a teetotaler. With a relaxed attitude, you can strike up a conversation with other people, get a date and explore a wide range of tastes created specially to moisten your taste palate.
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