5 Healthy Lifestyles That Prevent Illness

  It is an awesome idea to live life to the fullest! With this in mind, some Nigerians have gone ahead to indulge in a carefree existence not minding the activities they engage in. While a laissez faire attitude can be fun, take it over the top can affect your general well-being. Wondering what positive habits to adopt? Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal rolls out tips that can assure you of an illness-free life. Eat right Food is the fuel that energizes the body. However, there is a difference between eating right and munching on everything that comes your way. The guiding principle should be centered around having a balanced diet daily. Instead of giving in to bowl of ice-cream on sale at an Abuja mall or piece of doughnut on display at famous bakeries in Ikeja, you can stick to a high vegetable and fruits diet instead. Jovago Health   Exercise regularly   Aside from food, exercise is an essential means to keep the body fit. Its impact may not be visible immediately but as you advance in age, the effect of a great exercise routine starts to pay off. Since many Nigerians are often busy during the week, you can workout during the weekends. For extra motivation, try registering at a gym…there are great ones located in the Ikoyi area. Quit smoking and alcohol According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey country report-2012, 4.7 million Nigerians adults aged 15 years or older are active smokers and drinkers with over 98.9%  being men and 1.1%, women. This is a staggering statistics. Health experts have discovered that there is a direct link between health issues like diabetes, cancer; smoking and alcohol. Despite the stern warnings on the pack of cigarettes and the restriction of alcohol advertisement to the nighttime television, it has not caused any major attitudinal change and more people have lost their health to terminal illnesses. So, to avoid a life of illness, it advisable to quit smoking and drinking. Regular medical check up To know the current situation of you health, going for a medical check-up is important. Many people have discovered illnesses they were not previously aware of through routine check-up. Try to visit your practitioner for a through examination every 6 months or more. Reduce sugar intake Nearly every meal you put in your mouth, contains sugar. While it sugar is good for the body, taking too much of it can lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, a heart attack, stroke and chest pain.
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