A Message For Hijra   Revivifying Nigeria: Responsibility of the Muslims by Kewulere Olayimika Abdul-Wasi

  Verily to Allah belongs all praises for granting us the seen and the unseen blessings, may his blessings remain showering on the souls of the beloved prophet, muhammed (S.A.W), his household, companions, and generality of all Muslims,Amin. Indeed, the ever truthful statement is that of Allah, the best guidance is that of Muhammed, while the worst are innovations, ever innovations lead men astray and every wrong-path leads to Hell, May Allah save us from his wrath. The topic , revivifying Nigeria is focused on the incessant atrocities observed in Nation and it is indeed a  blessing that Nigerian being one of the earlier settlements in the history of Mankind is blessed with an intellectually, talented , religious population but there are certain acts prevailing in our society which we as Nigerians do not appreciate. Fornication: This is one of the irksome and awful act amongst our people nowadays and it is mostly practised by teens and not jettisoned by adults. The situation has become so rife to the point of annoyance that nowadays we sight people of opposite sex who are teens and are not married lodge in hotels to commit zina., but the most irritating ones are the married men and women who engage in this act. If this was an Islamic state, you would surely have dealt with. Well Allah wants your sincere repentance, please do. It is also necessary we raise our voice on the issues of stealing, robbery and kidnapping that has become commonplace among youths of nowadays who seek the fast lane to make money, to be candid this does not speak well of us, we must address and readdress this issue. Alhmadulilah, orientations are changing and transformation is looming out, thus giving new life to the nation, must be one of the responsibilities of the Muslims as ordered by Allah in Suratul-Imran (Q:3V:110). So here are a few tips we think might help rejuvenate our society. First, let the minbar speak: Our fathers, the chief imams, please readdress the issues of morality at “The LEAGUE OF IMAMS AND ALFAS” and enjoin Khutba, preaching towards it at least twice in every month. This is because more than 90% of the Muslim population converge at Jumat Services to learn about the deen. Parental guidance : Our Fathers and Mothers! Please learn from the prophet Luqman’s piece of advice to his child by admonishing members of your household on oneness of Allah and Morality. If you dearly do this on daily basis, it will surely affect the society positively. Lastly, Education: The best legacy that can transform the life of every individual must be pursued, while ignorance, the worst poison must be taken heed from. We appeal to the government to make sound education easily accessible to citizens; parents should encourage enrolment at Islamic teaching institutions for their wards.  Any person who understands Islam and its teachings won’t involve in any of the discussed illicit acts amongst others. May Allah be with us all Kewulere Olayimika Abdul-Wasi is a graduate of History And International Relation from Lagos state university, Nigeria and  also a Muslim youth leaderFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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