Chris Harper-Mercer, The suspect shooter in the #UCCShooting

The  20 year old man suspected of carrying out the  shooting in Umpqua Community College in Roseburg on Thursday which left over 5 people dead before killing himself is reported to be  Chris Harper-Mercer.  Just like the Mass shooting we have been witnessing in the United states, the reason why Harper-Mercer entered a school and shot about 9 people before he shot himself, still remains a mystery. According to witness report, Harper-Mercer asked the victims of the shooting the religion they belonged to before he commenced shooting. Is there a connection? What was the Motive, Opportunity? Religion, was he an extremist? What do you think? According to Mashable, While the area's Sheriff John Hanlin refused to identify the shooter, fearing it would give him attention he didn't deserve, multiple media outlets reported his name, citing unnamed law enforcement sources. Also it was reported that the family of the suspected man also spoke to the media on Thursday evening and this is what the father of the 20year old had to say: "Shocked is all I can say," the gunman's father, Ian Harper, told reporters outside his Tarzana, California home, according to the Los Angeles Times. "It's been a devastating day."

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