#DoctorswithoutBorderHospital Attack, Is Collateral Damage Justified?

An Air strike was carried out by U.S armed forces in Afghanistan in the troubled area of Kundus which has been an hotspot  due to fighting  between Afghani forces and the Taliban at an Hospital inhabited by doctors without Borders which reports have claimed has led to the death of over 10 people,  when the hospital building was bombarded for over an Hour and the U.S forces claim the  civilian death is collateral damage( The accidental killing of civilians during a battle with hostile forces)

According to the U.N human rights chief,  if the attack is established as deliberate in a court of law, an air strike on a hospital may amount to a war crime"

Although the head of U.S forces in Afghanistan has apologized , and the secretary of defense has promised an investigation into the attack, a witness said the building was attacked for over an hour leaving the "hospital completely destroyed"  before it was stopped. 

Also  it was reported that the GPS location of the hospital had already been given to the U.S and Afghan forces just a few days  ago, so there is a question mark on this attack.

According to some other sources, the Hospital had been reported to have been infiltrated by the Taliban but how can we prove this to be true and Justify this attack.
This tragic incident has opened up this question, "At what stage is Collateral damage Justifiable?

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