Enugu Women, Falana protest against the Invasion of Fulani Herdsmen

The women of Enugu carried out a demonstration on Sunday protesting the invasion of their lands by Fulani herdsmen. The women who came from the Anglican diocese of Enugu north which comprises of Enugu-north, Enugu-east, Udi and Ezeagu council areas went to the Enugu State House of Assembly with placards bearing inscriptions like ’Fulani herdsmen kill our men with AK 47;‘All we are saying is, Fulani, leave our farmlands’. They claimed their lives are in perpetual danger as the herdsmen have found means to belly their activities. Mrs. Achogaonye Eze who is the wife of Bishop Sustenance Eze of Enugu north Anglican diocese and the leader of the group said the vigilante group has been unable to deal with the herdsmen who they said carried weapons around. She said: “They butchered two men at Eke, they should stop robbing us on the high ways,” Also, one of Nigeria's reputable legal minds, Femi Falana also urged the leadership of the country to look into the disturbing matter. Below is his statement on the issue. “Through the negligence of the State the country has continued to witness the reckless killing of innocent farmers and the destruction of farmlands. Farmers, like other citizens, are entitled to the protection of the right to life and property. The primitive movement of thousands of heads of cattle from the north to the south should be stopped without any further delay. “In the interim, States which have large livestock populations should take advantage of the Land Use Act to acquire land for the establishment of grazing reserves. In view of the increasing incident of cattle rustling, security measure should be put in place to police the grazing reserves. The said grazing reserves will be phased out gradually and replaced with ranches and abattoirs. “However, since the federal government is obligated to protect the life and property of every citizen urgent steps should ve taken to avert further killings and destruction of farmlands by herdsmen. If the Buhari Administration does not discharge its constitutional duty by stopping the unwarranted civil disturbances we shall not hesitate to pray the federal high court to compel it to act responsibly in the circumstance by ensuring the protection of the fundamental rights of every farmer to life and property. “At the same time, we shall equally ask the Court to compel the federal government and state government with large livestock populations to establish grazing reserves and ranches.” In a recent report, senator-elect from Bayelsa state, Ben Murray-Bruce, likened the deaths caused by Fulani herdsmen to that of Boko Haram. More on NaijFacebooktwitter

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