The Fable of The Ministerial List; The GOAT, YAM AND THE LIST By prof

  It was Mr Jonathan that brought the infamous analogical pontification of a striking similarity between the attitude of Nigerian politicians to corruption and the goat to tubers of yam. But it is crucial to impress it on Mr Jonathan that the goat needs tubers of yam to survive the panters of hunger whenever its owner does not make available its food. But do our politicians need corruption to survive? They do not . Because the constitution has taken care of their needs in  emoluments, allowances and other sensible and senseless allocations.  What do they give in return? Nah, as the American would say! However, since these goats are back in this present administration, what should Mr President do? It starts from Mr President himself. He should and must live above board and set the bar high on anti - corruption.  Next, he should reform the Judiciary. Independence of the judiciary should be worked towards . But before this, reactionaries within the organ should be flushed out for effectiveness and efficiency.   We have judges that sell injunctions like "Okirika" to the goats-that-must-eat-our-yam in order to shield them from the prosecution of the EFCC and ICPC. For the two also need reforms. We should merge them to ensure critical focus and efficiency. And the head of EFCC,Mr Lamorde, should be fired. I sense his share of stolen tubers of yam which is being used against him by Mr Saraki and his collective senate of dramatists has made him to slow down on the Saraki family. Mr President should ensure that each minister-designate declares his or her assets to the public before he or she resumes work. And each ministry should be mandated to render its account of activities, projects, transactions and what have you to the public at the end of every month. And the FOI should be strengthened by the presidency and the public should be enlightened on it as their right, not a privilege. On portfolios, Mr President should eschew ethnic affinities and ensure that right persons are assigned to their most suited portfolios based on thier character and intellectual prowess. The RMFC should back his vow with action by ensuring the humongous entitlements of  the senators and their counterparts in the House of Representatives are dramatically reduced. Maybe in the future,  we may go for the part-time legislative system that is responsible, resourceful and proactive. However,  it is important Mr President is on the lookout for the goats as Mr Jonathan once miseducated us that it is difficult to separate our politicians from corruption. He forgets that strong institutions can check  the goats(thievish politicians) from eating our tubers of yam (our commonwealth). Mr Buhari must engage in scapegoating of one goat to teach others a lesson and put them on their toes to work for the success of his administration. Leadership is everything.  Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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