Mrs Terror strikes again, releases information on America’s deadliest soldier

The twitter account of Mrs Terror who targeted Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill, the man who killed Osama Bin Laden as also released the details home address, and family photographs of one of America’s most decorated soldiers.

The British ISIS fanatic known as ‘Mrs Terror’  who uses a twitter account under the name Umm Hussain Britaniya – the nom de guerre of Kent woman Sally-Anne Jones – published what it claims to be the details of Sergeant Dillard Johnson.
She said she was posting the information to ‘cause havoc in his life and for my brothers and al-Qaeda in the U.S. to eventually hunt him down and kill him’.

According to her, ‘He is supposed to be America’s deadliest soldier with the most number of kills in Iraq,’ wrote the person who claims to be Jones, alongside the soldier’s alleged address.
She continued that he is rumoured to have killed 2,746 people during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
‘He actually spent two full tours in Iraq and was the recipient of a Silver Star, a Bronze Star and four Purple Hearts,’ she added.
‘He claims he killed 2,746 enemy combatants in Iraq with everything from a .25mm chain gun to a sniper rifle to a hunting knife.’
The Twitter post compares Johnson to Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who killed Osama Bin Laden, and who the same account targeted just two days ago.

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