#October 22 Today In History

*1928– Phi Sigma Alpha fraternity is founded at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. *. 1934– In East Liverpool, Ohio, Federal Bureau of  Investigation agents shoot and kill notorious bank  robber Pretty Boy Floyd. *. 1957– Vietnam War: First United States casualties in Vietnam. *. 1962– Cuban Missile Crisis: US President John F.  Kennedy, after internal counsel from Dwight D.  Eisenhower, announces that American reconnaissance planes have discovered Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba, and that he has ordered a naval "quarantine" of the Communist nation. *. 1963– A BAC One-Eleven prototype airliner crashes in UK with the loss of all on board. *. 1964– Jean-Paul Sartre is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, but turns down the honor. *.1964 – Canada: A Multi-Party Parliamentary Committee selects the design which becomes the new official flag of Canada. *. 1966– The Supremes become the first all-female music group to attain a No. 1 selling album ( The  Supremes A' Go-Go). *. 1976– Red Dye No. 4 is banned by the US Food and  Drug Administration after it is discovered that it causes tumors in the bladders of dogs. The dye is still used in Canada. *. 1978– Papal inauguration of Pope John Paul II. *. 1981– The United States Federal Labor Relations Authority votes to decertify the Professional Air  Traffic Controllers Organization for its strike the previous August. *. 1983– Two correctional officers are killed by inmates at the United States Penitentiary in Marion, Illinois. The incident inspires the Super max model of prisons. *. 1989 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling is kidnapped by a masked gunman as he rode his bike near his home in St. Joseph, Minnesota. *. 1999– Maurice Papon, an official in the Vichy France government during World War II, is jailed for crimes  against humanity. *. 2005– Tropical Storm Alpha forms in the Atlantic Basin, making the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record with 22 named storms. *. 2001– Grand Theft Auto III was released, popularizing a genre of open-world, action-adventure video games as well as spurring controversy around violence in video games. *. 2007– Raid on Anuradhapura Air Force Base is carried out by 21 Tamil Tiger commandos. All except one died in this attack. Eight Sri Lanka Air Force planes are destroyed and 10 damaged. *. 2013– The Australian Capital Territory becomes the first Australian jurisdiction to legalize same-sex  marriage with the Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Act  2013 *. 2014– Michael Zehaf-Bibeau attacks the Parliament  of Canada in Ottawa, Canada, killing a soldier and injuring three other peopleFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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