Taliban declares support for Aid Agencies in Afghanistan

 "There is a difference between radicals and insurgents" The Taliban urged aid agencies on Tuesday to push ahead in delivering emergency relief supplies after a major earthquake hit remote mountainous regions of northern Afghanistan and Pakistan, killing at least 300 people. Relief groups' efforts to assess the damage were hindered by an unstable security situation that has left much of the affected areas unsafe for international aid workers and government troops. But the Taliban, which have stepped up their Islamist insurgency against the Western-backed government in Kabul this year, indicated they would not stand in the way of aid efforts. "The Islamic Emirate calls on our good-willed countrymen and charitable organizations to not hold back in providing shelter, food and medical supplies to the victims," the group said in a condolence message to quake victims, using its formal name. "And it similarly orders its mujahideen in the affected areas to lend their complete help." Authorities confirmed 228 deaths in Pakistan while in Afghanistan, the death toll had climbed to more than 80. MoreFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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