The Biafra And Fulani Question

      Biafra! Biafra The story of the country Nigeria started in the year 1914, when the men from Britain joined 2 entities who were fit to be independent nations together, but while some of them saw it as a means to help manage the loot they were taking overseas, a few among them saw a mistake.! 1914 amalgamation is considered in certain circles as a Mistake, After 46 years since that mistake, nigeria still remained, then the day many will never forget came. January 15, 1966, they day a young man by the name Kaduna Nzeogwu led a coup to remove a corrupt political elite but in the process he opened Pandora's box when they killed Saraduna of Sokoto, Ahmadu bello , the prime minister, Tafawa Balewa and Chief Akintola, premier of the western region. That single move by these young guys led to the war called the Biafra war of 1967 which lasted till the 1970. Fulani Herdsmen Fulani With just a single stick and a simple looking outfit they travelled with their herds of cattles across the nation just to feed their animals, they are known as across the nation but for what do they know them? Disturbers of peace and invaders or just a simple cattle rearer? Join the discussion at 8am GMT(9am Nigeria) on facebook and same time on Twitter on SundayFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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