Theresa May against Mass immigration

Britain's Home secretary Theresa May will vow to end the "absurdity" of EU nationals seeking asylum in the UK as she addresses the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester today.The Home Secretary will reveal that 551 asylum claims have been made over the past five years by citizens of EU member states, at a cost of £4.2m to taxpayers.Mrs May said: "We will end this absurdity, saving public money and creating space in our asylum system to help more people who really need our protection."By taking a tougher approach to those who do not need our help, we can give more support to vulnerable people who are in real and urgent need of our protection."So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade."

Sometimes, it easier to advocate something rather than doing it, and that is the case of Britain. After reluctantly agreeing to accept a meager amount of immigrants and advocating for other E.U nations to allow immigrants in to their borders, the last thing anybody expected was for Britain's home secretary to say this.
In my opinion, Illegal immigrants not refugees who are running to Europe to find a better life is not the problem in order to have a cohesive society.
This is an excuse by the Home secretary to prevent Europe from accepting refugees while they advocate refugee acceptance in other countries.

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