11 year old suicide bomber kills 15 in Kano

  Kano After yesterday Explosions in Yola, two young female suicide bombers, one of them thought to be just 11, killed 15 people at a busy mobile phone market in Kano, northeast Nigeria, police said on Wednesday. "A minibus carrying some women came to the Farm Centre GSM market and dropped off one girl aged about 11 and another aged about 18, both wore the hijab," said Kano police spokesperson Musa Magaji Majia. "One went inside the market, the other stayed outside then they exploded, killing themselves and others nearby," he told AFP. "The victims were taken to hospital and it was later confirmed that 15 people died, not including the suicide bombers." Five of those who died were among 58 people taken for treatment. Most of the remaining 53 have been treated and released, said Majia. Boko Haram has previously used young girls as human bombs in its six-year insurgency to create a hardline Islamic state in northeast Nigeria. Source : News24Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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