Jovago Tips: 3 Things that Made Nigerians Special in the 70’s

When you sit with an elderly person, they often speak wistfully on how the past was better than the present. The wrinkles on their faces are usually visible as they lament the steady decline in values and culture. Underneath their façade, so much worry and concern for the present generation. In a bid to preserve a dying culture,, Africa’s N1 hotel booking portal highlights some age-long practices that made Nigeria a better nation and how we can learn from it.

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The art of storytelling

The art of storytelling is exclusively African. As a communal society, the art of rendering folkloric tales was prevalent in many Nigerian homes. On moonlit evenings in the past, children from different households sat on logs listening to elders tell tales woven from creative imaginations.

The stories were aimed at teaching children morals and were always accompanied by songs often chorused by the children. These stories contributed in grooming morally upright kids.

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