Jet Crash, whose fault is it, Turkey or Russia?

International politics is one big mess, Trust me.

There are always issues happening every single day, and the recent one that made the trend today is surprisingly the Turkey and Russia issue.

If you are reading this now, i bet you have heard the news, and then you know what it is about but if you don’t here is the main gist.

Today Turkish military jets downed as in bombed a Russian war jet! why? the Turkish authorities say because the Russian planes were flying without authorization in Turkish airspace and were warned 10 times in the space of 5 minutes before they downed the plane and according to them this is not the first time the Russians are doing such.

So according to some reports, the pilots of the bombed plane survived by parachuting themselves off before the plane went up in flames, but the real gist is Putin is furious!

According to putin, the action would have consequences and you reading this and i know what exactly that means and incase you don’t it means relations between the two nations might just become a little hostile and that is exactly what ISIS needs, a division among forces of the world.

Guys! Just simmer down; it’s just plane and hopefully nobody died but surely it wouldn't do more than that to stop the propaganda that follows.

The question, whose fault was it, Russia or Turkey?


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