The Hijab Question: A Blogger’s View

Am not really versed on religious matters such as this, but i would like to express my opinion on the issue of the banning of Hijab in Nigerian  youth service camps. First the reason why the Hijab was banned according to reports was because of the security situation in the country, Boko Haram and others. Also, currently there is a trend going on in Nigeria, and the issue is actually controversial with Nigeria being a secular state, so there have been varieties of views but this is my opinion as a blogger(short and factual) The Hijab to anybody other than Muslim is just a piece of clothing but to the Muslim it holds certain religious importance and most importantly, the hijab is a sign of modesty for these women which shows that they indeed respect themselves and their bodies Looking at this issue from the angle of being a piece of clothing, the question is how does an Hijab prevent a suicide bomber? of course he or she can't go naked to carry out an attack. And that is the main issue, recently according to the news we've been hearing, some of these suicide bombers wear Hijabs to carry out their attack, so as a result, some have begun to see the Hijab as a symbol of terrorism itself. This i must tell you is wrong. oK, Now you ban the Hijab, what happens if the suicide bomber wears a t-shirt, and underneath is the bombing device , what's the difference? Should people not wear cloths again? apparently that is impossible. And some people have taken advantage of this issue to express their bigotry against these women who wear Hijab, which is quite unfair. So the question is what is the solution to this problem? We need to ask the religious leaders on this issue, whether muslims can resort to wearing cape Hijabs or shorter ones than the Niqab( that is the name of the long Hijabs.)     Hijab111Hijab11Hijab34Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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