4 killed, 14 injured in pickup accident in Washington

A pickup truck collided with a church van in a Maryland suburb of the nation's capital Sunday, leaving four people dead, 14 others injured and the pickup truck engulfed in tall flames, authorities said. Three people in the church van were killed, including a young child, along with the driver of the pickup truck, said fire department spokesman Mark Brady in Maryland's Prince George's County. He said that 14 others — six children and eight adults — were taken to various hospitals. He said that eight of those were in critical condition, including four children, and others appeared to have serious injuries. The van was loaded with both adults and children. The accident occurred on a road in Hyattsville, a community just northeast of Washington, D.C., about 5 p.m. Sunday. Brady said police believe the pickup truck initially rear-ended a passenger vehicle before going several hundred feet further up a road, losing control and then crossing a double yellow center line into the path of the van. Once the pickup truck had crossed over the line, the van struck it on the right side and the truck caught fire, he told The Associated Press. Source:APFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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