How do you Punish a ten-year who steals- Mum seeks advice over daughter.

A mum posed a question on Facebook, after she caught her 10-year-old daughter stealing money from her and her husband for the second time in one month, to buy lollies. The first time she had some privileges taken away and had to repay the money from her pocket money. We are disappointed and angry that she has done it again,' the mother wrote to parenting Facebook page School Mum. 'We give her occasional treat food, she gets tuckshop once a month and gets plenty of good food to eat. She doesn't have any devices, play computer games or watch much TV so we can't use this as a punishment. The mother also admitted they couldn't stop their daughter from going to sports lessons which she enjoyed as it would mean letting other children down. 'My husband feels we should give her no presents at all at Christmas,' she said, shocking other parents 'It's way too harsh': Most parents accused the parents of being harsh after they suggested taking away the little girl's Christmas presents as punishment How to punish her? That's the question this woman is asking? How do you punish a ten-year old? Source:MailonlineFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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