Nigeria elects first female governor, Aisha Al-Hassan wins Taraba Election

Aisha Al-Hassan was recently appointed a minister by the administration of Muhammadu Buhari but during her screening when she was asked about the issue of  her  case which was in court as regards the Taraba election held in April, she said she was pursuing it , given the fact that it was the will of her people and she wouldn't let it be undermined. Some of us thought it was fairy tale and like other tribunal stories, we thought she was all talk but that story when Al-Hassan was declared Victorious in the Taraba election by  the Taraba state governorship election petition tribunal recently Thereby declaring APC's Aisha Alhassan as the elected governor in the April 11th governorship election. The tribunal has sacked PDP's Darius Ishaka as governor of the state. Aisha Alhassan becomes the first female elected governor in Nigeria. What a fine tale but what happens to the ministerial appointment? Is this a pointerFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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