The Mad Rush by T.I.A

They had planned for days, and now it was time to carry out the operation. So they set out.

On getting to the area, which the operation was supposed to be carried out, they came to realise they had come to a poor/middle class environment but there were beyond caring.

They needed money badly.

So the 3 of them set out, taking the houses one after the other.

On getting to each house, they knocked, and sometimes they forced themselves in, pointing guns at the occupants and collecting the little the occupants had, if it was too small they were Infact beaten.

They took the laptops, the phones, they even took the #100 note they found on the floor in case of emergencies. They were indeed desperate.

Scene 2

He had walked miles from home with the hope and conviction that he was going to find a job, he was clean shaven, smartly dressed, even smelt nice. So he set out.

With a lot of hope, the unemployed graduate set out.

On getting to the area, the scenery that meets his eye is one of beauty and splendor. Money was here, he said to himself.

If i could secure a job here, his thought echoed as he spoke to himself.

And so he continued to walk, still he found no board which signified that anybody was needed .

At this time, the sweat had started to trickle down his back, he was losing composure, but his hope was still intact.

Still he continued, until he found 2 places with two different vacancies that his qualification fit.

Luck had smiled on me, he thought.

So he entered the first establishment, a big corporate organisation widely known.

He meets the receptionist and she asks him to sit down.

He sits, and the coolness of the AC is a welcome feeling, so he relaxes, his hope continues to bloom.

The receptionist directs him into a hall, and so he set out, hoping this was the last hurdle.

On getting to the hall, which led to another office, what he met was hordes of fine young men and women standing smartly on the queue waiting to enter a room at the end of the hall.

He waited, and waited until it was his turn, so he entered and by this time, his composure was already burning low but his hope never died.

So he entered the well furnished office, and once again the coolness of the AC was welcomed.

Then he looked across the table, he sees the welcoming face of a man, who asks him to sit and told him to present his CV , which he did, at this point his heart was running riots in his body, his hoped peaked, and his thoughts said, this was it.

And then the man spoke, first he told him his name, and said the words, “we are sorry, we need someone with 5 years experience”.

His composure crashed, his hope stared unbelievably before it slumped and his heart cried inwardly.

He couldn’t have 5 years experience, he just finished his university education a year ago with  a first class in Economics.

So he set for home, frustrated.



Nowadays, Nigerian youth , if not youths in general i must tell you are very desperate to get rich and this quest for money is accentuated by the celebrity life.

Everybody wants to become a celebrity, even I writing nursed this thought but I thought better of it.

So these guys have become so desperate, they venture into all sorts of things in order to live this fake life.

They steal, they dupe people, and all sorts of vices just to live like their favourite superstars, just to attend celebrity gigs, just to wear the latest clothing, used the latest phones, wear the latest but not the finest jewelry, show off to the girls and boys in the neighborhood and on the contacts on their social networks, get a fine car in order to attract ladies and every other thing that serves as the criteria that makes these youths feel "among"

No offense meant but this is basically what most youths think of when they think of getting rich and now the “i want to get rich” has reached a crescendo that even i as a youth is scared of the desperation.

How can this state of desperation be managed is the question?

Until next time ladies and gentlemen

See ya.

 written by T.I.A


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