Twitter present #MillionStudentMarch, Whose side are you on?

"The right to education is a right that is non-negotiable"
The #MillionStudentMarch is the trend for the fight against racial discrimination on american campuses and the call for the reduction of the cost of education. Currently protests have broken out across the campuses in the United States over the cost of fees and racial discrimination which is the core of the protest that has ravaged most of the country's campuses. A protest which came to being, due to the racial profiling revealed to be happening in Missouri Univeristy.   There are different reactions to the protest and the #MillionStudentMarch, while some see the student protesting as lazy and no-do gooders who have taken opportunity of the racial difference in the country.   While, some have shown their support, supporting that the cost of education should be reduced and racial discrimination on campuses and other learning institutions should stop. See tweets below MillionStudentMarch MillionMarch5 MillionStudentMarch MillionMarch1 MillionStudentMarch MillionStudentMarch MillionStudentMarch MillionStudentMarch so what's it going to be, which side are you on #MillionStudentMarch  Facebooktwittergoogle_plus

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