Twitter Presents #BlackOnCampus

Until there are no first class and second class citizen of any nation , is a war(Bob Marley) The trend #BlackOnCampus ignited from the protest in Missouri University and is focusely largely on the issue of racism
Racism is one of the most serious issues in our world today, the black or any other race and white question, when will this stop? Nobody knows, although many have advocated and recommended ways to end it but still , we witness it raging strong especially  in the free country, the United States. Recently , this same issue of racial tension which has ravaged world's most powerful country for the better part of this year(Fact) has been reignited in the form of racial tension this time on American campuses and institutions, and this trend was sparked by protest in a Missouri University over racial profiling. Thank God for social media, because that is,  one of the best thing that has happened to mankind. The issue of racial profiling/ racism on campus took over the twitter platform and here were comments by students from different schools. #BlackonCampus Missouri8 Missouri7 Missouri6 Missouri5 Missouri4 Missouri2 MissouriFacebooktwittergoogle_plus

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