3 shooters flee in Black SUV in San Bernardino shooting

the center where the attack was carried out
the center where the attack was carried out

Latest update:Up to three shooters reported to have fled scene in black SUV

Up to 12 people have reportedly been killed and more wounded during a shooting attack on a centre for people with developmental disabilities in San Bernardino, California.

Authorities are responding to an "active shooter" in the Southern California city, with local media saying there may be multiple shooters.

The shooting took place at the Inland Regional Centre, one of 21 facilities serving people with developmental disabilities run by the state, said Nancy Lungren, spokeswoman for the California Department of Developmental Services.

A local ABC America reporter said a source had told him there were three shooters armed with rifles at the scene with no one yet in custody.

A police spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Times that the suspects were heavily armed and possibly wearing body armour.



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