Ukrainian lady accuses Nigerian striker, Ideye brown of abadoning her with a baby

This story is very intriguing !

it is the story of the Nigerian forward, Brown Ideye who according to @alex_jm99 says had two kids with her but later  dumped her.

Ideye 4

The lady according to snaps shots of the lady's post on Instagram shown on Linda ikeji blog, has come out to accuse the player of dumping her and moving with his life.

The lady who said the name of the first child is Joel was born in  25th of august 2012 as tattooed on her hand in the post she shared, accused the player of lying and dumping his alleged "family"


Meanwhile, ideye has two children with his wife .

This Ukranian lady tagged her posts with #ideyebrown and all sorts of #, it's almost eerie seeing  it  but i would like you to be the judge , does this kid look like  ideye ?



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