Korean Blogger uses fire to Curl her eye lashes

Sheet masks, face rollers, ten-step skincare routines, cushion compacts... Korea has produced an array of innovative beauty hacks and products over the last decade. However, the latest craze might be a step too far. A YouTube star called t0inky has filmed a tutorial where she uses an open flame and a small wooden stick to curl her eyelashes. Despite the fact you could slip and singe off the hairs or burn your skin, the vlogger says fire is the most effective way to boost straight lashes.

The 8.40 minute video begins with the beauty blogger telling the camera that she has 'stubby lashes' that 'tend to droop'. In an attempt to give herself camel-like lashes she says she's previously tried a variety of techniques including the famed Shu Uemura curlers, an electric eyelash curler and a lash perm.  

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